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Life Esteem Path to Health and Wellbeing

Begin the Journey of Transformation 


The mission of Life Esteem Wellness Center empowers the human spirit, by promoting self-discovery that brings about personal transformation and promotes rapid healing, including resources on practical life skills to awaken a more meaningful life and existence.

Where your journey ends depends on where you start.

Findng My Way Home

Finding My Way Home: To Who I Really Am®

Change begins with making a choice. Your present moment choice predicts your future – it’s your crystal ball. Make a decision to take a deep-dive into self-discovery that will forever expand what you believe is possible for your life! 


Finding My ​Way Home: To Who I Really Am® will guide you to the clarity, courage, and capability to live your limitless life. Everything you desire is within reach.

Life Esteem Programs

Individual Change - Life Esteem Programs 

Life Esteem™ programs help individuals, suffering from stress and trauma, reconnect with an open heart, gain relief, restore hope, and a sense of self-security and well-being. Learn to build individual capacity for resilience, emotional regulation, and finding your way back to who you truly are.


Learn more about our broad range of evidence-based programs and resources for children, teens, adults, non-profit organizations, schools, communities, social-service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, and military.

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Stress & Trauma
Care Program

Trauma or stress vary by individual. If you were traumatized, you may feel a range of emotions. You may feel overwhelmed, helpless, shocked, or have difficulty processing your experiences. 

The Resilient Heart Program is a trauma-informed care program, that helps individuals build resilience, regulate emotions, and reconnect to a sense of self-security and well-being.

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Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach

As your Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach, I will guide and mentor you to make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness with a holistic approach that addresses the whole person's mind, body, and spirit. The journey is one of renewed wellness, balance, and inner peace. 
We work on what you want to improve, and within the circumstances of your unique situation. 


Energy Treatments & Therapy

Energy work is non-invasive way of balancing your body's energy system to promote rapid healing.  Energy treatments are safe, patient friendly, and free of pharmaceuticals, that you will experience emotional, mental, and physical benefits. 


Dr. Cathy Chargualaf is the founder of the Life Esteem Wellness Center, and provides alternative and complementary mind-body medicine that addresses imbalances at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Building Personal Resilience program.jpg

Building Personal

Helps individuals create a balanced life, build​ personal awareness, gain perspective, achieve goals, discover clarity of purpose, find happiness, and improve specific skills.  

Building Personal Resilience improves your ability to bounce back, reduce stress, increase your energy, and master new skills to better handle the day-to-day challenges and stressors for overall well-being. 

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